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Listed below, are the names of the chemicals which are prime offerings of B & B Co. Ltd.
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about us

About Us

B & B Co. Ltd., is a name to rely on for procuring the most accurately composed and effective chemicals. Working in one of the most challenging industry, we are a business entity which has endeavored through several challenges, and emerged as one of the most recognized company in the markets. With our strive to become one of the most dominant business entities in the market which favors the contentment of customers, we have excelled in each one of our job roles. Whether as a Manufacturer or as a Exporter, we never fail to deliver the finest quality chemicals to the doorsteps of our emptors at the best possible rates. The offerings of our company includes Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Lignin Powder, Calcium Nitrate, PNS Powder and a lot more. Aforesaid chemicals are processed in our facility, under strict adherence to the norms of quality which are set by international authorities.


2009-02. B AND B CO., LTD. Established
2010-02. AK Chemtech, Eyang chemicals, Jeil chemical most chemical companies signed distribution agreement
2010-04. China Jinzhou acid lignin income
2013-02. Patent Lignin and concrete admixtures method
2013-04. Completion of factory in Umsung wonnam Industrial complex
2013-12. Concrete admixture manufacturing method using a patented sludge
2014-05. Innovation Management Small Business Certification (MAIN-BIZ)
  • National Industrial Complex Factory Acceptance
  • Patent the new composition of the polycarbonate-based dispersant concreate
  • Patent Improved high-performance concrete dispersant and its manufacturing Method
  • Patent Improved process for the preparation of high molecular weight of the alkoxy polyal-Kylene glycol (meth) acrylate

Construction Chemicals Business:

  • Due to the admixture raw plant product development and
  • Coordinated operation of the distribution system

Cosmetic Ingredients Business:

  • Cosmetics Ingredients (1,2-Hexanediol, 1,2-Pentanediol, 1,2-Octanediol, EHG, MPO)
  • Factory Facilities : G/L Reactor 16m2 X 2 EA, Column Reactor 5/10 m2 Sus
Services Core Capabilities

Construction Chemicals Business:

  • Major Chemical Construction ⁠manufacturers partnerships and experience in the field
  • Coordinated operation of the distribution system

Trade Distribution Division:

  • Distribution build and secure trade routes through the China-based businesses
  • Exuberant customers secure and reliable ransportation expertise
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