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Concrete Admixtures Material

Having properties such as low scratch, temperature and impact resistance, offered Polycarbonate Chemical (Concrete Admixture Chemical) is highly demanded in market. This chemical is polymer containing carbonate groups. Provided chemical finds its applications in construction, electronic and automobile applications. Being a good electrical insulator and transparent to visible light, offered chemical is also used in electrical and telecommunications hardware. Serve as a dielectric in high-stability capacitors, provided chemical also has flame retardant property. This chemical is highly consumed in construction industry for dome lights, curved glazing and sound walls. In automotive, offered Polycarbonate Chemical is mainly used for low stress applications.
We offer Lignin Chemical including Lignin liquid and Powder to our clients with several properties such as longer shelf life, free from adulteration and excellent effectiveness. Do not rot easily, this chemical is play a major role in formation of cell of wood and bark. With its structural function, provided lignin is also important for playing various biological role in plants. Having less hydrophilic property, offered lignin is well suited for preventing absorption of water by polysaccharides in plant cell walls. Also, this Lignin Chemical is ideal for allowing efficient transport of water in vascular tissues.
This Sodium Gluconate including Liquid and Sodium Gluconate Powder finds its usefulness in textile industry. Offered gluconate is well suited for dyeing and printing of clothes. Provided gluconate is also used for metal surface water treatment. This gluconate is also ideal for cleaning of steel surface and glass bottles. As a chelating agent, provided gluconate finds its application in cement, plating and alumina dyeing industries. This gluconate is available in various packaging options according to needs of clients. Having white color, longer shelf life, accurate composition and free from adulteration, offered Sodium Gluconate is easily soluble in water.
This Poly Naphthalene Sulfonate Chemicals including power and Poly Naphthalene Sulfonate Liquid is widely demanded in market, that are mainly used as dispersants in numerous industrial applications. Having acid and base stability, these chemicals are widely used for spreader of agriculture. With hard-water tolerance and high temperature stability, offered chemicals are also used as wetting agents in paper making industry. Provided chemicals are available in several packaging according to requirements of clients. These chemicals are free from adulteration and having longer shelf life. With powerful dispersing action, offered Poly Naphthalene Sulfonate Chemicals are widely used for formulation of chemical admixtures for mortars and concrete.
With high effectiveness, non-hazards, skin-friendly and purity, provided Functional Products including Industrial Defoamer, Anionic Surfactants and PC Plus chemical is widely demanded in market. Offered products are antifoam that find their usefulness in all silicone free applications such as paper and textiles. Provided products are an excellent antifoam which are ideal for reducing and preventing foam formation. These products are also added in detergents, soaps, dispersants and wetting agents. Offered products is well suited for protecting skin cells. In addition to this, provided Functional Products are available in several packaging according to needs of clients.
We provide Inorganic Compounds including Calcium and Sodium Nitrate Powder to clients that find their application in food processing, agriculture and construction industries. Offered compounds are used as a food additive. Provided compounds are also used for preservation and color fixative in cured meats. These compounds are also used with other chemicals for heat storage and transfer purpose in solar power plants. Produced in granulated form, offered compounds are ideal fertilizer in agriculture. Provided compounds are used for setting accelerate concrete admixtures. Offered Inorganic Compounds are well suited to be used in wastewater pre-conditioning for odor emission prevention.

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